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CT Sees Uptick in Fraudulent Benefit Claims, How to Protect Against It

Posted on September 13, 2022


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It was recently reported that there has been an uptick in fraudulent claims benefits have been processed through the Department of Labor (DOL). I want to make you aware of this increasing threat and provide resources so you can protect yourself, or your business, against criminals looking to steal your personal information.

Reducing Fraudulent DOL Benefit Claims

The uptick in fraudulent benefits claims is alarming. According to reports, two-dozen businesses have notified the Connecticut Business Industry Association about fraudulent claims. The DOL is also warning individuals to watch out for phishing scams through e-mail, social media, and text.

Here are some suggestions from DOL:

  • Use different passwords for your social media, banking, email, and other accounts.
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Check credit card fraud protection services. Many of them will monitor the dark web as part of standard identity theft protection.
  • Trust your instincts. If something seems wrong, take a deeper dive to keep your personal information protected.

For additional information on how to reduce fraud, you can click here.

If you feel that you have been a victim of fraud and would like to report it to the Department of Labor, click the button below.