Ledyard, Montville, Preston

Rep. France Clarifies MBR Definition and Improves Education Funding Formula

Posted on February 14, 2019 by admin


Proposes New Legislation to the General Assembly

I have submitted House Bill (H.B.) 5243 and H.B. 6190 to the Legislature, which would correctly define the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) Minimum Budget Requirement (MBR) and better protect local Boards of Education (BoE) from confusion caused by Legislative or Executive Branch actions after local budgets are approved. In addition, I proposed H.B. 5180 to improve BoE fiscal management by allowing a reduction in MBR based on year-over-year reductions in certain special education costs, which can be a significant fiscal impact to our small towns.

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News from the Conservative Caucus: Forced Regionalization of Education Is Bad for Connecticut

Posted on January 31, 2019 by admin


HARTFORD — The legislature’s Conservative Caucus today reacted with concern after learning a legislative proposal to mandate the creation of regional school districts was recently unveiled.

Proposed Bill 454 would create a legislative commission to develop a plan to regionalize school districts based on population, in alignment with Connecticut’s Probate Court system. Under this law, the current system of approximately 150 school districts would be reduced to 54, merging both rural and urban communities, and would become effective by default even without action by the commission or approval of the legislature.

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Conservative Caucus Announces Legislative Agenda

Posted on January 16, 2019 by admin


HARTFORD — The Connecticut General Assembly Conservative Caucus today announced highlights of its 2019-2020 legislative agenda, including provisions that would strengthen Connecticut’s criminal justice system, uphold individual voting rights, and allow individual workers to determine their contributions to union activities, among other proposed legislation.

In response to the repeated and detrimental loosening of the state’s criminal justice laws, the caucus proposed legislation to reinstate the death penalty to hold violent offenders accountable if they choose to commit heinous crimes towards the people of our state.  The legislation’s focus on capital felony cases would not otherwise impact state law regarding prosecution or imprisonment for lower level crimes and would allow the imposition of the death penalty in certain specific and violent cases.

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Rep. France Congratulates Gales Ferry McDonald’s on Grand Re-Opening After Renovations

Posted on January 11, 2019 by admin


LEDYARD – After undergoing a complete renovation, the McDonald’s restaurant in Gales Ferry has become one of the chain’s most modern locations in the State of Connecticut. State Representative Mike France (R-42) and State Senator Cathy Osten (D-19) attended the grand opening celebration earlier this week.

“This is my home McDonald’s, I live just a couple blocks up the road,” said Rep. France. “In fact, my oldest daughter got her first job here. McDonald’s has always lead the way as a great opportunity for first jobs and scholarship programs that help people grow in their career. The new technology and table service included in this remodel shows the future of where McDonald’s is going, and that there are ways to make fast food different and a more enjoyable experience.”

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Rep. France Sworn In For Third Legislative Term

Posted on January 9, 2019 by admin


Also Receives Committee Leadership Assignment

HARTFORD — State Representative Mike France (R-42) joined legislative colleagues today, Opening Day of the 2019 Legislative Session, to be sworn in to his third term at the State Capitol. He will serve for two more years as the State Representative for the 42nd General Assembly District of Ledyard, Preston and Montville.

“I sincerely appreciate the support of my constituents and it is truly an honor to serve another term as your voice at the State Capitol,” said Rep. France. “As the legislative session proceeds, I encourage you to contact me with questions or concerns about state government, especially how it affects you, your family or your community, as well as ideas for new legislation. I look forward to advocating for the changes that best serve you, the residents of Ledyard, Preston and Montville.”

Rep. France with his wife, Heather, their daughter, Brittney, and friend Jennifer.

To follow Rep. France’s proposed and supported legislation, visit his website (www.RepFrance.com) and click on the “Legislation” tab, or sign up for his email updates. To follow committee meetings and House debates as they unfold live on Connecticut’s public affairs television network, CT-N, tune your TV to Channel 95 in Ledyard, Channel 97 in Preston, or Channel 23 in Montville; or stream the proceedings online at www.ctn.state.ct.us.

This “long” session allows for bills on a variety of issues to be introduced, debated and voted on in committees and both legislative chambers. Most importantly, the General Assembly will be facing significant budget challenges during the 2019 Legislative Session. House and Senate Republican budget priorities for the 2019 Session continue to include implementing long-term structural changes to restore sustainability and predictability to the budget, as well as the “Prioritize Progress” transportation plan to fund and protect the Special Transportation Fund without tolls or tax increases.

Rep. France also received his legislative committee assignments for this term. He has been appointed as Ranking Member of the Government Administration & Elections Committee, which has cognizance on all matters relating to state government organization, structures and procedures, leasing, construction, maintenance, purchase and sale of state property and facilities, state and federal relations, interstate compacts, compacts between the state and Indian tribes, constitutional amendments, and all matters relating to elections and election laws. As Ranking Member of this Committee, Rep. France will lead his caucus members on these issues.

In addition, he will again serve on the Appropriations and the Planning & Development committees. The Appropriations Committee holds jurisdiction over all appropriations and the budgets of state agencies, including state employees’ salaries, benefits and retirement, teachers’ retirement and veterans’ pensions, and collective bargaining agreements and arbitration awards for all state employees.

The Planning & Development Committee deals with matters relating to local governments, housing, urban renewal; fire, sewer and metropolitan districts; home rule, planning and zoning, regional planning and development activities, the State Plan of Conservation and Development, and economic development programs impacting local governments.

Rep. France can be reached at Mike.France@housegop.ct.gov or 800-842-1423. Constituents can also reach him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RepFrance.

The 2019 Regular Legislative Session will adjourn at midnight on June 5th.