State Rep. Floren Votes Against Democrats’ Budget, Tax Increases

Posted on June 6, 2019 by admin


HARTFORD – On Tuesday, State Representative Livvy Floren (R-Greenwich, Stamford) voted against the Democrats’ proposed 2020-2021 biennial state budget. She was joined in her opposition by all members of the House Republican caucus along with five members of the majority party for a final vote of 86-65. The Senate adopted the budget a day later, also without a single Republican vote.

Republicans offered several amendments in an attempt to improve the budget bill and avoid what would inevitably become a new wave of taxes for the State of Connecticut. Unfortunately, each amendment was rejected. In total, taxes will increase by $1.75 billion over the next two years. Repayments on teacher pension obligations will be extended from 2032 to 2046, adding an additional $16 billion in liabilities to be paid by future generations. Additionally, the Democrats’ budget will expand taxes to interior design services, prepared foods (restaurants, grocery stores), digital downloads, safety apparel (helmets), rideshare (Uber/Lyft), and more. It also increases taxes on pass-through business entities ($50 million total over the biennium) and diverts money from Special Transportation.

“As always, I appreciate the work that went into the budget, but I am disappointed that Republicans were not given a seat at the table. In fact, we did not see the 567 page document until the evening before the bill was called,” said Rep. Floren. “We offered amendments to strengthen the plan and reduce some of the proposed taxes, but we were unsuccessful. When we passed a workable bipartisan budget in 2017, I was encouraged that future negotiations may yield similar results. Sadly, that was not the case this time. I could not in good conscience support a spending and revenue plan that increases taxes on more consumer goods and services, and places additional taxes on Connecticut businesses. Robbing Peter to pay Paul only works until Peter runs out of money.”

The General Assembly adjourns at midnight, June 5th, 2019.