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Update: June 18 – State Response to Coronavirus

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Friends and Neighbors,

Last night, Governor Lamont announced Executive Order 7AAA which modifies the mandatory staff testing program for nursing homes to cease after 14 consecutive days without a positive case and to require resumed testing if any staff member or resident tests positive. It also makes changes and adjustments to previous orders.

Executive Order No. 7AAA enacts the following provisions:

  • Technical correction to Executive Order No. 7ZZ, Section 8: Clarifies that Executive Order No. 7F, Sections 3 through 5 remain in effect.
  • Authority to modify limitation on group sizes in child care: Allows the commissioner of the Office of Early Childhood to increase permissible total numbers of children that a child care facility may serve in one space and in one facility.
  • Waiver of requirement to hold annual agricultural fair and reporting requirement to maintain agricultural society property tax exemption: Allows agricultural and horticultural societies to continue to receive certain tax benefits without conducting a required annual agricultural fair.
  • Mandatory COVID-19 testing for staff of private and municipal nursing home facilities, managed residential communities, and assisted living services agencies: Modifies the mandatory staff testing program for nursing home and other congregate setting staff to set conditions for testing to cease after 14 consecutive days without a positive case and to require resumed testing if any staff member or resident tests positive.

**Download: Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 7AAA

The full release is here:


As of 4:00 p.m. – Wednesday, June 17th – the state is reporting a total of 45429 cases of Coronavirus. Updated virus totals and Town-by-Town statistics can be accessed here:

*In Connecticut during the early months of this pandemic, it became increasingly clear that it would be necessary to track probable COVID-19 cases and deaths, in addition to laboratory-confirmed (RT- PCR) cases and deaths. This was needed to better measure the burden and impact of this disease in our communities and is now part of the national surveillance case definition for COVID-19. Probable cases of COVID-19 involve persons who have not had confirmatory laboratory testing (RT-PCR) performed for COVID-19, but whose symptoms indicate they are likely to have a COVID-19 infection. In Connecticut, most of the probable COVID-19 cases involve persons whose death certificates list COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2 as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death. Prior to June 1, probable and confirmed cases were reported together.

Latest COVID-19 Testing Data in Connecticut

Updated 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Total patients who tested positive: 43487 confirmed/1942 probable

There have been 4219 COVID-19-associated fatalities.

Fairfield County: 15757/294

Hartford County: 10619/305

Litchfield County: 1382/21

Middlesex County: 1182/37

New Haven County: 11706/149

New London County: 1223/25

Tolland County: 818/14

Windham County: 464/1

Pending address validation: 336/0