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CT’s Safe Haven’s Law Saves Lives

Posted on April 5, 2019 by admin


In honor of the annual Safe Havens Awareness Day, I would like to, once again, take a moment to recognize how far Connecticut has come in regards to providing support for pregnant women who have long felt they had no where to turn.

The Safe Havens Law helps prevent the crime of neonaticide by allowing anyone to drop off a newborn baby within the first 30 days of life at any hospital emergency room in Connecticut. The person dropping off the baby — whether it’s the infant’s mother, father, grandparents or a family friend — will be given a bracelet matching one put on the infant by hospital staff. The police will not be called and no one will be arrested, assuming the infant has not been abused. If the parents change their minds within 30 days, they may petition to get the baby back.

Hospital nurses will ask parents for their name and medical information on themselves and the baby; however, parents are not obligated to provide this information. The Department of Children and Families (DCF) will then obtain custody of the baby and place him/her with a family who is already licensed and intends to adopt the baby – which in some cases may be a relative. After 30 days, the biological parents’ parental rights will be terminated.

Since its passage in 2000, Connecticut’s Safe Havens law has saved 35 infants from fatal abandonment. Parents have also been saved from possible incarceration and a life overshadowed by a moment of panic.

If you know someone who needs assistance, please let them know about this law and do not hesitate to reach out to medical professionals for help.  No woman should feel alone during such an important time.

Look for this sign at your local hospital