Summer Public Policy Series: Connecticut’s State Budget, Is It Really Balanced?

Posted on August 29, 2022

Please join Rep. Fiorello for an important upcoming conversation with Sheila Weinberg, founder and CEO of Truth in Accounting, about understanding our state’s budget.

Connecticut has a constitutional requirement to balance its budget. Article XXVIII states that, “the amount of general budget expenditures authorized for any fiscal year shall not exceed the estimated amount of revenue for such fiscal year.” Many states have balanced budget requirements. Does any state actually abide by them?

What are the best practices we should expect when we have budget surpluses, as we do now? What does it mean to have “historic tax cuts” at the same time that spending is increasing? How do Connecticut’s budget habits compare to other states?

You can register for this important discussion here. This is the final conversation of a three-part Summer Public Policy Series that Rep. Fiorello will be hosting.