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Rep. Ferguson Voices Opposition to Tolls

Posted on February 1, 2018 by jdooley


Additionally Against ‘Tire Tax and Higher Gas Tax’

DANBURY- State Rep. Michael Ferguson (R-138) today came out against Governor Malloy’s proposal to bring back tolls to Connecticut highways in order to finance transportation spending in our state. The proposal would severely harm Danbury area businesses and commuters.

The governor’s transportation proposal includes:

  1. A seven-cent increase in the gas tax over the next four years.
  2. The implementation of statewide electronic tolling beginning in fiscal year 2023.
  3. A new $3.00 ‘tire tax’ per tire on tire purchases.

“Sadly, this proposal is just another attack on middle class working families who would be forced to pay more when many are already at their limit. For residents in Connecticut, the introduction of tolls will make living in this state much more expensive, with no end in sight,” said Rep. Ferguson. We need to attract people to come to Connecticut and Danbury to visit our great businesses; more taxes and tolls will only hurt our city economically.”

“What we saw today is the governor lacking a concrete vision and plan for transportation in our state. He has a state-wide list of projects, some of which are underway, but NO real priority list of these projects,” said Rep. Ferguson, who is a member of the Transportation committee. “We should not be building new infrastructure, like the New Haven to Springfield Rail Line, before we repair and upgrade existing rail, highway and bridges.”

Rep. Ferguson mentioned that as for what should be the priority for state projects, the General Assembly specifically the Transportation Committee needs to develop a critical action plan to determine urgency.

House and Senate Republicans have proposed a transportation plans in the past which is a viable transportation solution with no tax increases or tolls. The proposal provides for flexibility in setting transportation priorities and gives Connecticut a sustainable and predictable funding plan to support future generations.