For You and Your Family

Connecticut is one of the most expensive states to live in and has some of the most burdensome taxes in the nation.  While democrats claim to make our state better, their policies make it more expensive for our residents to stay in the state. Over the last several years they have implemented taxes, fees, and mandates that drive up our state’s cost of living. Whether it’s tolls, the Transportation Climate Initiative, plastic bag fees, truck taxes, or filing fees, democrats are willing to squeeze our residents to the breaking point in order to pay for their priorities.

State Tax Relief

  • Repeal the highway use tax on trucks that will only drive up the costs of consumer goods and services.
  • Increase the property tax credit that can be claimed for personal property and motor vehicles from $200 to $500 and expand it beyond the elderly and those with children to make it available to all taxpayers.
  • Inflation is a detriment to all families. Tax brackets must be indexed and adjusted accordingly so that taxpayers are not forced into a higher tax bracket because they are earning a higher salary. Indexing should reflect actual earnings and not salary adjustments alone, considering the cost of household goods and services have skyrocketed.

Family Health and Well-Being

  • Expand to the whole state a very successful program currently in use by Troops D and E that provides advanced de-escalation tactics and training to those that receive calls related to mental health, overdoses, and substance abuse related incidents.
  • Increase accessibility to and affordability of mental health services by allowing in-state students who are enrolled in a doctoral program of psychology, under supervision, to provide community and telehealth counseling opportunities to mental health patients who are in need of such services.
  • Equalize the Medicaid rates for providers for in-patient mental health services in Eastern CT.
  • Require the state, by July 2022, to implement and fund the national 988 hotline which includes a 24/7 call center staffed by mental health professionals, mobile response teams, and provides services that connect people to follow-up care.
  • Utilize an existing state facility to establish a 24/7 coordinated support facility using a public private partnership, and provide early intervention supports and comprehensive assessments services to youth, families, and the community.
  • Address our shortage of ADA Hard of Hearing Interpreters by making state certification requirements comparable to surrounding states.
  • Direct the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to provide services to persons with substance abuse problems and severe mental illness in order to get the attention and support they need from peers who went through similar ordeals.
  • Exempt from the sales tax personal protective equipment and COVID-19 rapid test.
  • Address our opioid and fentanyl epidemic by funding the Navigator Program to facilitate engagement between treatment providers and increase support capacity, increasing criminal penalties for dealers, and establishing a Chief Drug Policy Officer to coordinate efforts to fight opioid use across a multitude of state agencies.

Saving for the Future

  • Increase the tax deductible threshold for ABLE 529 accounts. Bumping the standard to $5,000 per year for a single return, and $10,000 per year for a joint return, will help families provide a better quality of life to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Make it easier to retire and live here by exempting 100 percent of retirement income for joint filers with federal AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) below $150,000.
  • Allow long-term care insurance premiums to be deducted from the state income tax.

Questions and Comments



The impact of legislative Democrats’ persistent efforts to erode our state’s criminal justice system came into focus over the last year, and residents’ mounting concerns grew to include frightening crimes such as brazen carjackings, vehicles stolen with children inside, and criminals breaking into homes to grab keys to steal cars and use them in crime sprees.


Many Connecticut families are struggling to keep up with inflation and a stagnant job market. It’s critical that the state legislature provides meaningful financial relief, not one-time gimmicks, to ease the burden of balancing the household check book.


As Republicans, we will continue to bring attention to wasteful spending and allegations of fraud, and we will fight to hold the state’s public agencies and programs accountable to you.


The state has not provided coherent guidance for teachers and students, with far too many children missing critical time in a physical classroom. Students have a right to safely achieving a high quality education. Supporting student and faculty needs, providing greater access to job readiness programs, and ensuring mental health services are available are important factors in getting our state’s education system back on track.


Legislative Democrats have continually asked Connecticut’s business owners to pay onerous filing fees and taxes, while demanding they provide higher wages in the face of an unprecedented employment shortage. Connecticut’s job creators are the backbone of our state and local economies. Providing them with resources needed to fulfill training and job requirements, lessening tax thresholds, and removing red tape are top priorities this session.

2022 Legislative Proposals

House Republicans are presenting their legislative priorities for the 2022 session. These initiatives focus on restoring public safety, establishing good faith government practices, making life more affordable, ensuring educational resources are available to all students, and addressing the needs of Connecticut’s businesses.