Rep. Dunsby Votes No on Toll-Related Bills in Finance Committee

Posted on April 9, 2018 by rjoslyn


HARTFORD – State Representative Adam Dunsby (R-135) on Thursday voted against four proposals related to the implementation of electronic tolling in Connecticut that were ultimately approved by the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee.

The four bills that were approved by the committee are:

SB 389: An Act Establishing the Connecticut Transportation Authority

HB 5393: An Act Establishing the Connecticut Transportation Finance Authority to Maintain Major State Highways

HB 5046 (governor’s bill): An Act Concerning the Sustainability of Transportation Projects

HB 5391: An Act Concerning Transportation Infrastructure


After the committee vote, Rep. Dunsby made the following statement:

“I oppose all measures related to tolling currently before us, first, because they assume Connecticut collects insufficient revenue for transportation, which is false.  The STF takes in almost $1.5 billion, and that number goes up every year. We should be prioritizing projects needed for public safety and to keep what we already have in good repair. Instead, the state continues to grant money for trophy projects, while doing little to keep costs down. Second, the proposed toll booths will be located disproportionately in Fairfield County. Because the federal government requires congestion pricing, it will be commuters in our part of Connecticut that will be hit the hardest.”


Each proposal related to authorizing tolls now heads to the appropriate legislative chamber for consideration later this spring.