Rep. Will Duff Votes to Protect Education Funding

Posted on June 29, 2018 by jdooley


HARTFORD – State Representative Will Duff (R-2) voted on Monday to override a veto Governor Dan Malloy made on a law, Public Act 18-35, that would have prevented future governors from making cuts to education funding in the middle of a fiscal year.


It was a key legislative priority for Rep. Duff to support this policy because many towns in the 2nd Assembly District have been targeted for mid-year funding holdbacks by the governor the past two years. The law had received great bipartisan support when it was initially considered by the General Assembly during the regular legislative session.

Rep. Will Duff expressing major disappointment said, “Stopping the governor’s mid-year cuts to our state education grant was a widely popular proposal amongst the legislators and the residents in my District, especially in Newtown. The bill created budget stability and predictability for our small towns and local schools and school administrators. It’s frustrating to know the will of the people was thwarted today by the Senate Democrats, who walked lockstep with the governor today.”

Today, when the bill was reconsidered in the House, it received a super majority vote of 103-33 to override the governor’s veto. However, when the bill was considered by the Senate it was only passed by a simple majority of 19-10, meaning the requisite super majority, or two-thirds, of the chamber needed to override the action of the governor was not met and the veto was sustained.