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Fairfield Lawmakers Discuss Major Issues Impacting State

Posted on January 29, 2019 by jdooley


FAIRFIELD – State Representatives Brenda Kupchick (R-132) and Laura Devlin (R-134) hosted a series of legislative coffee hours where they talked about the 2019 session, listened to residents and took dozens of questions about issues impacting the state, especially Fairfield residents.

The Fairfield lawmakers talked briefly with residents about the current legislative session that started on January 9th and discussed the major issues to be debated in the General Assembly this session. They held legislative coffee sessions at both Panera Bread and Las Vetas.

Rep. Kupchick said, “We certainly have our work cut out for us this legislative session. It is more important than ever that we hear from Fairfielders to express their concerns so we can bring their issues to Hartford.”

“I will continue to be a strong voice for my constituents and will work to create a sustainable and predictable state government that we can trust and afford,” said Rep. Devlin.

A majority of the conversation centered around three major topics the state budget, tolls, and the state of our economy. In addition, residents expressed their concerns about the Metro-North rail line and its reliability.

Residents can contact the representatives by calling 1-800-842-1423 or by visiting their websites – and



State Rep. Laura Devlin State Capitol Weekly Update

Posted on January 25, 2019 by jdooley



The 2019 legislative session is underway. I took the oath of office on January 9th for another two-year term and the committee process has begun.

I am honored to serve on three big committees this session. The Education, Transportation and the Finance, Revenue Bonding committees. Read more below.

You can learn about bills filed, committee meetings and agendas and public hearings here.

I also have some other useful state tax information below for you to read.

I hope this information is helpful.


State Rep. Laura Devlin

League of Women Voters Forum

Join us on Feb. 9th 10am at the Fairfield Museum & History Center for a talk about the state issues.

New Committee


A member of the Education and Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committees. I was also was appointed by Leader Themis Klarides to be the new head House Republican on the Transportation Committee.

Tax Relief for Seniors

New information about the income tax on Social Security and the income tax on pensions.

State Law Requires Plan Administrators to Withhold State Taxes

State residents must file form CT-W4P indicating their pension and annuity withholding choices with their plan administrator.

Here is my 2019 Proposed Legislation List

This list will update as new proposed bills are added to the Connecticut General Assembly House Clerk’s Office.



Questions? Contact 860-240-8700


State Rep. Laura Devlin: State Law Requires Plan Administrators to Withhold State Taxes from Payments

Posted on January 25, 2019 by jdooley


State Rep. Laura Devlin today reminded taxpayers receiving pension and annuity income distributions that a recent change in state law requires plan administrators to withhold state taxes from those payments.

With passage of Public Act 17-147, pension plan administrators or payers of pensions or annuities are now required to withhold income taxes from disbursements. Prior law allowed taxpayers to instruct their plan administrators to withhold the appropriate amount of tax but did not require they do so.  Taxpayers could choose to pay the full liability at the time they filed state income taxes.

Similar to choosing income withholding, Connecticut residents must file form CT-W4P indicating their pension and annuity withholding choices with their plan administrator otherwise the top level of 6.99% will be withheld. Differences between the amount of tax withheld and the amount actually due when filing state taxes will be assessed or returned to the taxpayer.

According to Rep. Devlin, many people who receive pensions or annuities rely on that income for day-to-day expenses, and while not a new or increased tax on these payments this change is potentially confusing and could cause some taxpayers to see a fluctuation in their checks or tax liability

Additionally, the Department of Revenue Services has updated their online taxpayer assistance information at and will be available to answer questions by calling 1-860-297-5962.