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State Rep. Laura Devlin: State Capitol update, Renters Rebate, local news and more

Posted on April 1, 2022


I hope you’ve had a great week and this finds you well. In this week’s newsletter I’m sharing:

  • Legislative schedule for next week
  • Renters’ Rebate program
  • Distracted Driving Month
  • State Bonding for Trumbull
  • Mattress Recycling event
  • Trumbull Essay Contest
  • Support for Ukraine

I hope this information is useful. Please feel free to forward to anyone else who might be interested.

State Capitol News

Upcoming Public Hearings

Next week the last of the three big committees will finish up their work by voting out bills for further debate on the House and Senate floor before session ends in May.

On Monday, the Judiciary committee will be meeting to vote on legislation, you can watch the debate here.

Both the Appropriations and the Finance, Revenue and Bonding hope to be unveiling their state budget adjustments and revenue/tax packages before next week’s deadline. As a member of the Finance committee, I look forward to seeing the tax package that we will be voting on and hopefully we can agree to provide targeted tax relief to Connecticut families.

I encourage you to check out the CGA bulletin where you can check the full Connecticut General Assembly schedule for the week and you can always watch the proceedings on CT-N.

State Capitol Update

Renters’ Rebate Program

The CT Renters’ Rebate Program is now accepting applications from April 1 to October 1. State law provides a reimbursement program for Connecticut renters who are elderly or totally disabled, and whose incomes do not exceed certain limits. Persons renting an apartment or room, or living in cooperative housing or a mobile home may be eligible for this program. Renters’ rebates can be up to $900 for married couples and $700 for single persons. The renters’ rebate amount is based on a graduated income scale and the amount of rent and utility payments (excluding telephone) made in the calendar year prior to the year in which the renter applies.

Please call the Renters’ Rebate Hotline for questions at 860.418.6377 or visit the Renters Rebate For Elderly/Disabled Renters Tax Relief Program website, here.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and texting and driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving.

Over the past decade, distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of vehicle crashes on our nation’s roads. In Connecticut in 2020, there were nearly 5,000 crashes attributed to distracted driving. Please don’t text and drive.

Connecticut law prohibits the use of any hand-held mobile electronic device while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers who are 16 or 17 years of age are prohibited from using a cell phone or mobile device at any time, even with a hands-free accessory.

For more information, visit

State Bonding for Trumbull 

This week the State Bond Commission met to approve bond allocations for this month. Trumbull received two state grants, one for the repair and upgrade of the Thrushwood Lake Dam and the other to help construct the new Veterans and First Responders Center. The Veterans and First Responders Center will provide a much needed modern facility that will accommodate veterans activities, provide a first-responder training facility and meeting space for civic groups. You can follow the building committee here.

You can read the bond agenda here and watch the bond commission meeting here

Local News

Trumbull Essay Contest

I, along with State Representatives David Rutigliano (R-123) and Ben McGorty (R-122) hosted our Sixth Annual House of Representatives Women’s History Month Essay Contest at Madison Middle School last week. It was quite an honor to recognize these amazing students and I know we’ll see great things from them in the future. I value giving young people the opportunity to learn about notable women in Connecticut’s history who’ve stood up to conventional attitudes to make a difference.

Read more here.

Free Mattress Recycling collection 

There will be a FREE mattress recycling collection event run by the Mattress Recycling Council and is sponsored by the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force held on Saturday, April 23rd at Veteran’s Park, 909 Reef Rd, Fairfield from 8:30 am-12:30 pm.

The event is open to all residents of CT.

For anyone interested, you can make donations directly to either of those organizations through the links above. (not just Fairfielders).

Support for Ukraine

This past week I attended a prayer vigil hosted by local clergy at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Fairfield and the Fairfield Stands with Ukraine fundraiser. Both were moving events that helped bring our community together.

Proceeds from the Fairfield Stands with Ukraine fundraiser are going to two organizations: Razom, who works to get medical supplies to the people of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, which works to buy and send body armor and other protective gear there.

For anyone interested, you can make donations directly to either of those organizations through the links above.