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Fairfield State Officials Host Casual Office Hours

Posted on August 26, 2019 by jdooley


Fairfield State Reps. Laura Devlin (R-134),  Brenda Kupchick (R-132) and State Sen. Tony Hwang (R-28) hosted a lively and informational ‘Pints and Politics’ event Wednesday, July 31 at Local Kitchen in Fairfield.

The post-session event permitted Fairfield residents with the opportunity to speak with their local legislators and hear the latest updates from the State Capitol in a relaxed setting.

The lawmakers discussed the major issues and debates that shaped the 2019 legislative session, including municipal funding, protecting the teachers’ pension fund, the banning of plastic bags, the state budget and the debate about bringing tolls back to Connecticut highways.

“An important part of public service is listening and sharing information with the good people you’re entrusted to represent,” said Rep. Kupchick. “Since being elected in 2011, I’ve made it a top priority to host “legislator on your corner”, “town hall meetings” and “Pints & Politics” events in an effort to stay connected to my community.”

“I want to thank everyone who attended our constituent event. Many of the residents in attendance talked about how the state needs to get their fiscal house in order and stop continually looking to the taxpayers for more,” said Rep. Devlin. “I completely agree taxpayers are weary and many I have talked to are plain tapped out.”

Senator Hwang added, “Staying connected and interacting with our community is foundational to our leadership role in public service. I thoroughly enjoyed the personal touch of meeting people face to face and learning of their needs and priorities directly.  I love representing our town and the 28th district and share that passion of public service with my constituents.”

Anyone who was unable to attend but would like to speak with their legislators regarding a legislative or local issue may contact Reps. Kupchick and Devlin at 800-842-1423 or Sen. Hwang at 800-842-1421.