State Rep. Devlin Opposes Gov. Malloy Tolls Study

Posted on July 17, 2018 by jdooley


Today, Governor Malloy determined that he is the only branch of government that matters and has thwarted the will of the state legislature and the people of Connecticut.

During the last session, the pro-tolls forces lacked the necessary votes in the General Assembly to push through a tolls plan or a proposal to study tolls which would lead to implementation.

So instead Governor Malloy today used his executive power today to call on CT DOT to study implementing tolls in CT and using $10 million in taxpayers dollars to do it. He plans to borrow the $10 million.

I call on the State Bond Commission which meets on July 25th to reject this request for toll study funds.

A governor with 5 months left in office should not be permitted to make a $10 million appropriation that the legislature has already rejected.