State Rep. Laura Devlin Assails Governor Malloy’s Veto of Bi-partisan Budget

Posted on September 29, 2017 by jdooley


HARTFORD – State Representative Laura Devlin (R-134) condemned the governor’s decision to veto the Bi-partisan state budget that passed the General Assembly on September 16th.

Warns Constituents of Impending Funding Cuts as a Result of Governor’s Veto

“I am extremely disappointed the governor didn’t take action to move the state forward. Our bi-partisan agreement stopped the budget cycle of spending more money than the state has and taxing residents more than they can afford. This was an opportunity for real change to put Connecticut on a new path and met the Governor’s criteria of a no tax increase budget,” said Rep. Devlin. “It’s too bad he can’t get past the ‘not invented here’ syndrome and look at what’s best for our state – like the courageous Democrat legislators who stood up in support of the budget”

The governor’s veto means that a state budget will not be in effect by the October 1st  Education Cost Sharing (ECS) payment deadline leaving several towns, including Trumbull to face across the board cuts in municipal aid, education funding, and elimination of core government services.