Rep. Devlin Supports ‘Secure’ Transportation Lockbox

Posted on April 7, 2017 by jdooley


HARTFORD- In a crucial move to safeguard state transportation dollars, State Rep. Laura Devlin (R-134) supported a ‘true’ constitutional amendment to protect state transportation funds, also known as the Transportation Lockbox.

Governor Malloy last year asked that a constitutional lockbox be created so tax dollars for rail and highway upgrades are not raided to balance the state budget.

“The people I represent, expect state government to keep the promise made when the Special Transportation Fund (STF) was created – to limit the use of transportation dollars collected through the gas tax and other sources solely for reinvestment back into our state transportation infrastructure.” said Rep. Devlin. There is no doubt our state’s infrastructure needs funding. This resolution ensures that the money collected will be used only for its intended purpose by providing for a truly “locked” fund, not just an empty box full of holes. Frankly, the public is fed up with the lack of transparency and the diversion of transportation funds.”

Rep. Devlin mentioned that the governor’s transportation lockbox version, which she did not support, is a weaker version than the one passed today.

House Joint Resolution 41 (HJ-41) prohibits the legislature from enacting a law authorizing the spending of STF funds for any purpose other than transportation and the payment of debt service on obligations the state incurred for transportation purposes. The governor’s version only refers to funds “deposited” in the STF while HJ-41 refers to funds “credited, deposited or transferred” in the STF.

The resolution now heads to the House of Representatives for a full floor debate. If House Joint Resolution 41, the transportation lockbox amendment to the state constitution is passed by three-fourths vote of the House of Representatives and State Senate it will appear on the November 2018 ballot.