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Rep. Davis and Superintendent Nicol Support Firm Graduation Dates for Seniors

Posted on March 8, 2019 by admin


HARTFORD – State Representative Christopher Davis (R-57) and Ellington Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott V. Nicol testified in support of HB 7258 ‘An Act Concerning the Establishment of a Firm Graduation Date and the Date for the First Day of School Sessions’ before the legislature’s Education Committee on Wednesday, March 6th.

As requested by the Ellington Board of Ellington, the proposed legislation would allow boards of education to set firm graduation dates. Currently, state statutes requires 180 school days before graduation. School boards often try to schedule graduation dates months in advance to secure venues and to allow parents and families time to book travel plans. Frequently, however, weather related and other school closures result in moving graduation dates and interruptions to planned graduation ceremonies.

“Every school year, inclement weather occurs (snow in particular), canceling school and resulting in an unnecessary logistical nightmare amongst hundreds of high schools across the state,” said Dr. Nicol. “Current state statute that attempts to address this dilemma is unnecessarily complicated and ineffective.”

In his testimony Rep. Davis noted, “Much like existing legislation in neighboring Massachusetts, this proposed legislation will not affect the 180-day rule for students in grades K-11, but instead will accommodate graduating seniors who have earned their high school diploma and are looking forward to their next steps in life.”

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