Rep. Davis Tours Nordic Moon Meadery

Posted on January 23, 2019 by admin


ELLINGTON – State Representative Christopher Davis (R-57) toured the Nordic Moon Meadery on Friday, January 11th with co-owners Rich Gummoe, also a Founding Partner at Ellington’s Connecticut Valley Distillery, LLC, and Kevin West, head mead maker. 

Mead, also known as honey-wine, is created by fermenting honey and can be mixed with fruits, hops, and spices.

 The meadery, located on Industrial Drive in Ellington, was founded in 2015. Mead production is a growing industry in Connecticut and New England, alongside farm wineries and craft breweries. The owners shared that existing state laws and regulations have made it difficult to expand their business, introduce new products, and educate the public about mead.

 “I was very interested to learn more about the meadery and how state regulations impact this local business,” said Rep. Davis. “Our laws and regulations have struggled to keep pace with the changing marketplace and production methods. After speaking with these local business owners, I will be proposing legislation this session in order to try to help this industry be successful here in Ellington and throughout Connecticut.”   

For more information about Nordic Moon Meadery or to schedule a visit to their facility, visit their website at