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State Representative Anne Dauphinais Opposes Budget Implementer

Posted on June 18, 2021


S.B. No. 1202: An Act Concerning Provisions Related To Revenue And Other Items To Implement The State Budget For The Biennium, outlines budget expenditures for the next two years and so much more. Included are “RATS” which are bills or concepts that have nothing to do with our budget and have never had a Public Hearing and/or got out of committee. With 837+ pages put out by the Democrats without any input from the Republicans.

This includes-

➡️ Withholding municipal grants from municipalities that have school teams with native America mascots

➡️ State agencies to contract with other states without legislative oversight

➡️ Increases judge’s wages by 4.5%

➡️ Tax on conveyance fee when using a credit card

➡️ Changes to surcharges will be increased on businesses

➡️ Debt free college

➡️ Gives inmates 90 minutes per day of free phone-calls

➡️ Allows DMV personnel to waive ID requirements for voting

➡️Gives convicted felons the right to vote without requiring them to pay their sentencing fines or completing parole.

➡️ Total of more than a 6% increase to the current budget

“This is not the way to do the people’s business. The majority party are large, in charge, have the power to pass anything they desire and are doing just that.”-State Representative Anne Dauphinais