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Representative Dauphinais Opposes Budget Adjustments

Posted on May 3, 2022


The media claim on this massive budget is that it is the most massive tax cut in the history of Connecticut. Truth be told there are tax cuts in this bill (some helpful), but many of them are very short term and do not do anything to help in the long term. Real change begins with thoughtful, wise, and long- term changes.

The following were included in what was supposed to be the “Budget Adjustment Bill.” Certainly not one that is supposed to result in increased spending.

  • Adjustment increases spending to $547 million dollars or 6.4%
  • Does not eliminate the Highway Usage Tax which goes into effect in January 2023, which will ultimately increase prices on goods and services in the long term
  • Does not suspend taxes on diesel fuel
  • Judicial Raises of 5% a year, after an increase in salary in
  • A meditation garden, golf courses, and other wasteful spending to name a few
  • Railcar upgrades to 5G service for $23 million
  • Bradley Airport direct flights to Jamaica for $2 million
  • Makes election year funding promises
  • Fails to help main street businesses crushed by government’s response to the pandemic
  • Many concepts and bills in the budget were never voted out of committee
  • Relies on one-time revenues for government agencies/programs
  • aid to select non-profit providers
  • plan built on gimmicks and temporary relief that’s designed to get headlines they can use on campaign mail in a tough election year
  • Mandates Climate change curriculum in schools
  • Increase eligibility for free college to part time students
  • Provides insurance for individuals here illegally
  • Provides tax returns to individuals who do not pay taxes

I voted NO.

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