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Plainfield: Diagnostic Review Performed at Lillibridge Road Railroad Crossing

Posted on March 4, 2021


I want to thank Plainfield First Selectman Kevin Cunningham, State Representative Brian Lanoue, members from the Connecticut Department of Transportation, G & W and P & W Railroad professionals, for including me in a detailed discussion of a diagnostic review that was performed Wednesday morning at the crossing on Lillibridge Road.

Being a member of the legislature’s Transportation Committee, it was very informative to listen to what goes into safety enhancements at railroad crossings.  After two major accidents at this location since 2009, there have been multiple concerns with this crossing that offers access to the highly traveled Route 12. Therefore, a thorough review of the crossing was conducted and everything was looked at from the conditions of the signs, to potential enhancement of sightlines, and the roadsides themselves that were close to the crossing. It was noted that there were a few lighting upgrades made at this location last May. The ultimate goal, if approved, would be to further upgrade the crossing by installing an electric gate, which was discussed with state and railroad representatives.

I will be sure to update you with any new information as it is provided to us and look forward to working with this group in the interest of safety for the residents of Plainfield and all that travel their roadways.