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Special Session December 18

Posted on December 11, 2019 by admin


The legislature will be in special session on Wednesday, December 18, to take up bills fixing hospital Medicare reimbursement rates and issues regarding restaurant worker wages.

The hospital bill makes long-overdue adjustments that resolve legal claims that could have exposed the state to a potential liability of $4 billion.  The new 7-year contract will reduce hospital user fees, increase Medicare rates and place limits on future taxation of hospitals, among other things.

The restaurant bill makes changes to state law regarding full-time restaurant workers and the application of the state’s tip credit wages.  This legislation aims to alleviate recent concerns about servers performing “side work” during their shifts while being compensated with the reduced minimum, or tipped, wage.

Unfortunately, we will NOT be discussing the most important issues facing our state at this moment and will not be taking up legislation on bonding, tolls or a transportation package to fix our aging roadways and bridges. There will be NO vote on the millions of dollars in Town Aid Road (TAR) money the state owes to municipalities, including Waterbury.  The governor said he is holding back those TAR funds until he gets a vote on his transportation package which includes adding tolls to Connecticut highways.

Pushback from citizens and Republican legislators has stalled implementation of tolls which are simply the latest new revenue stream for our high-tax state. The governor’s plan avoids the difficult decisions, doesn’t reduce government waste and doesn’t create efficiencies that save taxpayers money.  I remain firmly against adding tolls to our highways.