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Rep. Cummings Hosts Successful Discussion with Seniors

Posted on June 12, 2019 by admin


Even before the ice cream was handed out, the mood was chilly in the Waterbury Senior Center as State Representative Stephanie Cummings gave an overview of the the recently-ended legislative session, including the extent of the massive new taxes being forced upon Connecticut residents.

During the discussion, Rep. Cummings listed some of the more onerous increases on scores of items previously untaxed.  Specifically, she mentioned the diversion of $175 million from the special transportation fund (STF), and new or increased taxes and fees on plastic bags, restaurant meals, digital downloads like Netflix and music files, safety apparel, parking, the Internet, dry cleaning and myriad other goods and services.

She also noted that new or increased taxes placed on businesses will undoubtedly be passed along to consumers who, thanks to the same sales tax expansion, will already be paying substantially more for goods and services beginning July 1. In fact, under this budget, all plastic bags will now cost 10 cents each and all prepared meals, including restaurant meals, will cost more, making every day experiences more difficult to have.

The budget, which passed without a single Republican vote, raises taxes by $752 million over two years.

Still, residents and Rep. Cummings found positive takeaways and the crowd reacted audibly when she mentioned that the legalization of cannabis failed to be called for a vote this session. The issue of tolls was met with mixed reactions. People were universally pleased the measure wasn’t taken up during the regular session, but disappointed when Rep. Cummings let them know that the governor has called for a special session on the issue.

After more than an hour of discussion and back-and-forth questions and answers, Rep. Cummings provided the seniors with a dessert of ice cream and toppings from Dippy’s Ice Cream and Cakes on Lakewood Road.

Rep. Cummings visits the senior center several times a year to keep residents informed on important legislation and major issues that affect Waterbury.