Rep. Cummings, Chief Spagnolo Testify to Reduce Car Thefts

Posted on March 14, 2019 by admin


This week, Police Chief Spagnolo came to the capitol to testify in favor of bipartisan legislation to reduce the rash of car thefts taking place in Waterbury and across our state. The legislation – House Bill No. 7332, “An Act Concerning Public Safety and the Welfare of Repeat Juvenile Offenders and their Victims” – would allow the court to transfer juveniles to the criminal court if they have been previously convicted of serious felony crimes.

I want to thank my colleagues in the Waterbury delegation and Chief Spagnolo for taking this issue seriously and working together to find reasonable solutions to address this important issue.

The Rep-Am reports that just this past Sunday another juvenile was arrested for using a stolen vehicle to lead police on a chase –…/police-arrest-juvenile-accused-of…/

The Observer also covered the issue here –