Police Tip Line to Report Illegal ATV Riders!

Posted on March 26, 2019 by admin

Are you sick of seeing wild ATV riders illegally ripping up and down our city streets? So am I, and so are the Waterbury Police. That’s why they set up a tip line for residents to report illegal ATV riders.
Police are urging people who see ATVs or dirt bikes illegally on the road to report it by calling 203-573-6662 or emailing: atvtips@waterburyct.org
In recent years, dirt bikes and ATVs have been flying up and down the city’s streets, disregarding traffic laws and generally causing a disturbance. In most cases, those types of vehicles are not allowed to be on the road. Waterbury Police do a great job but they still need your help. If you see illegal activity, please contact the police and give them a hand.