Rep. Cheeseman Supports Expansion of Hospice Care, Not Physician-Assisted Suicide

Posted on February 27, 2023


HARTFORD- State Rep. Holly Cheeseman (R-37) today testified in support of a proposal to require insurance companies should be cover the cost of hospice care to ensure every patient and his or her family can have the compassionate care and support needed at the end of life while opposing a second piece of legislation which permits for the establishment of physician-assisted suicide in Connecticut.

The two bills were both heard at the Public Health public committee hearing on February 27th.

In her testimony on hospice legislation, Rep. Cheeseman said, ” All patients with a terminal diagnosis, not just those with Medicare or Medicaid coverage, should have the option to access hospice care, hence the importance of this bill.”

Rep. Cheeseman also testified in opposition to the proposed “right to die” legislation.

‘We have huge problems in Connecticut relating to equity in health care, the cost of medical care, the availability of treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders, yet this committee is devoting time to the so-called ‘right to die.'”

“Rather than authorizing physicians to prescribe lethal cocktails for their patients, we as a society must ensure that every individual has access to the palliative care, he or she requires to allow a peaceful pain[1]free end of life,” added Rep. Cheeseman.