Rep. Case Supports Improved Non-emergency Transportation Mechanism

Posted on February 13, 2019 by Greg MacKinnon


Hartford – State Representative Jay Case (R-Winsted) testified in support of a mechanism that would allow certain individuals to have more transportation options when traveling. Currently, Medicaid and Medicare enrollees who use wheel chairs or are confined to a stretcher are transported by an ambulance, even in cases where there is not an immediate medical emergency.

Rep. Case said, “The state is paying extra for non-emergency medical transportation services. This common sense bill would provide greater options to Medicaid and Medicare enrollees, making it less cumbersome on the client and their care support system to travel. In many cases, the extra emergency equipment and personnel that comes with being transported by an ambulance is not necessary to attend everyday life events like graduations, funerals, and school functions.”

According to Rep. Case, the new law would give people needing special transportation services greater dignity. While there are private transportation companies specializing in the transfer of non-emergency patients, the cost of these options are generally not covered by Medicaid or Medicare making them inaccessible to much of the state’s most vulnerable population.

“Based on my personal experiences with non-emergency transportation, it truly does add a whole new layer of stress when someone is trying to make basic travel plans. Individuals requiring special transportation will benefit greatly from making travel-related choices on their own terms and in a more discreet fashion,” said Rep. Case.

In his testimony, Rep. Case mentioned that the Department of Transportation will likely need to work in collaboration with the Department of Public Health to revisit the requirements of non-emergency related transportation. The committee will be considering the legislation in the coming days, before taking additional action on it.