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Rep. Case Awarded by Connecticut Chiropractic Association for Legislative Support

Posted on October 28, 2020 by Admin


WINSTED – The Coronavirus has made managing healthcare decisions difficult for many Connecticut residents. On Wednesday, the Connecticut Chiropractic Association (CCA) released a statement recognizing State Rep. Jay Case (R-Winsted) for his legislative efforts in support of patient choice, creating safer access to Chiropractic services.

“COVID-19 has negatively impacted patient care, which is why I supported measures expanding access to telehealth coverage when the legislature met for special session back in July,” said Rep. Case, who serves as the Ranking Member to the legislature’s Human Services Committee. “Telehealth allows patients and healthcare professionals to connect virtually, which has significantly helped reverse the trend of patients skipping or missing traditional appointments. I applaud the efforts of the CCA to continue to provide quality services considering the obstacles put forth by the pandemic. I was proud to support legislation that ultimately makes these types of medical appointments safer for our state’s health care professionals and patients.”

According to CCA, state laws recognize the value of Chiropractic treatments in a number of ways.  For instance, all state-regulated health insurance plans must cover the service, and low-income recipients of Medicaid can access Chiropractic at federally qualified health centers.

“Connecticut’s Chiropractic Physicians want to thank Representative Case for his support of healthcare policies that give consumers a wide range of choices and options for their care,” said Randi Jimenez, DC, CCA President.

The CCA’s statement went on to explain that Rep. Case was recognized by the association for ensuring that state policies provide full access to chiropractic services by patients in the Northwest Corner and throughout the entire state. Chiropractic is a natural method of healthcare with the proven ability to relieve back pain, increase vitality, and promote well-being.