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Middlesex County Legislators Send Letter to Gov. Lamont

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Greg MacKinnon


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Governor Ned Lamont
State Capitol
210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Dear Governor Lamont,

The gravity of leading Connecticut in these uncharted waters is not lost on us. Your leadership has exhibited a calm determination to protect our residents during this difficult time. We applaud your thoughtful decisions.

As an equal branch of government, we, too, have an obligation to act on behalf of the residents of Connecticut. We represent the fine people of Middlesex County, communities of diverse individuals that have taken their responsibility to flatten the coronavirus curve very seriously. Our community has successfully navigated 30 plus executive orders to protect the public health of our loved ones, neighbors, and perfect strangers.

Our constituents deserve an honest, transparent, well balanced approach to recovery from their elected officials. The extensive list of your Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group includes exactly zero members of the General Assembly. While the esteemed group of members you have assembled provide important perspectives, none of them are accountable to the people of Connecticut. Decisions made on behalf of the people of Connecticut without representation from the people of Connecticut flies in the fact of the constitution. In addition, this group represents leaders of organizations, but it does not include perspectives of the frontline public. Decisions are being made on behalf of those with disabilities, school children with unique needs, individuals with mental health concerns, main street businesses, and nursing home residents, yet not one has a seat at the table.

We reach out in hopes that you rectify this immediately. We are a nation of laws. Each of us is committed to the public health and well being of Connecticut. The failure of a well-reasoned plan with input by the very people it will impact, will be detrimental to generations of Connecticut residents. Connecticut deserves a roadmap announced will before May 20th.


Christie Carpino
State Representative 32nd District

Devin R. Carney 
State Representative 23rd District

Irene M. Haines   
State Representative 43rd District

Noreen S. Kokoruda
State Representative 101st District

Jesse MacLachlan
State Representative 35th District