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Letter to Editor: Repairing Infrastructure

Posted on May 1, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


To the Editor,

There are only a few days remaining in the 2018 Session, and the majority party has yet to schedule a debate on the state budget and the projected $321 million deficit.  Long-term budget solutions that stabilize our economy must be implemented to address this shortfall rather than gimmicks, such as the re-creation of a tolling system on our state highways.

It’s no secret that our state roads and bridges are in need of repairs. People in our district have made their opposition known.  “Christie-I am against installing tolls….I drive every day for my job, and I cannot burden (sic) another expense.”  Residents are “disgusted with the proposal for tolls” and see them as “a tax on working people.” “The possibility of tolls coming Connecticut does not sound good at all.” And the most pointed, “NO TOLLS-ENOUGH SAID.”

I supported a lockbox to safeguard transportation funds to be sure transportation dollars are actually spent on transportation needs. I also support a proposal to repair our infrastructure.  The alternative plan would provide $1 billion in transportation funding over the next 30 years by setting aside bonds for transportation projects – with no tolls or increased taxes.

As the session concludes, I will focus my energy on promoting policies that do not add to the financial burden of residents.


Christie M. Carpino

State Representative, 32nd District