Affordable Connecticut

Posted on June 13, 2022


To the Editor,

We need to do more to address the state’s soaring gas prices and overall cost of living. Rising prices are making an already expensive state even more unaffordable. The temporary tax cuts provided in the state budget simply do not go far enough to help people make ends meet. Gas prices are already higher throughout the state than when we initially paused the gas tax.

Back in May I stood with my colleagues to propose a $1.2 billion tax relief plan. Instead, the budget contained temporary tax cuts totaling approximate half of that, many sunsetting after one calendar year. I am again standing with colleagues to propose solutions. I support a new $746 million tax cutting plan that will provide immediate relief to residents and businesses by addressing inflation. The plan focuses on lowering energy and travel costs, including diesel fuel, and making everyday items more affordable to you.

The plan includes:

  • Reducing the income tax
  • Expanding the current gas tax holiday to include diesel
  • Suspending upcoming diesel fuel tax increase (scheduled for July 1)
  • Eliminating the highway user tax (truck tax)
  • Reducing the state’s sales tax
  • Eliminating the tax on prepared meals

Anyone that’s gone to the grocery store or filled up at the pump knows it’s time to take meaningful action. We are asking the majority to listen to the voice of the people and act on these proposals.

I will continue to keep you updated on our progress.