2019 Legislative Agenda, Letter to Editor

Posted on February 1, 2019 by Greg MacKinnon


To the Editor,

There are many issues we can improve upon as a community and a state. My common sense policy proposals this session aim to create a safer environment for children and families, strengthen the economy by enriching the workforce, and improve the overall quality of life in our communities.

Some of my proposals include:

  • Providing greater protection to area schools, ensuring our students have a safe place to learn
  • Addressing the public health dangers posed by vaping and its associated marketing tactics targeted at our children
  • Requiring the state to pass the budget on time, or legislators and members of the executive branch will not receive paychecks
  • Promoting the use of volunteer and volunteer organizations
  • Increasing options for victims of sexual assault and promoting workplace prevention training

In addition to these ideas, it is clear that we must be more creative in the way we approach the state’s economy. There are too many individuals who face difficulty showcasing their talents in Connecticut’s shrinking workforce.

Those with disabilities have much to offer and are a talent group that is underutilized by the business community. Similarly, those that have struggled with substance abuse disorders have hurdles to overcome in recovery and securing meaningful employment is often beneficial to that process.

These two populations have distinct needs but share a strong desire to work. I have proposed creating separate taskforces, each with a narrow focus to identify ways in which job creators can increase employment opportunities for these populations. This is a win-win situation by providing meaningful employment, increasing a high quality talent pool, and boosting the economy.

Please reach out with any questions as the legislative session continues.


Christie Carpino