Capitol Update (2/24 – 2/28)

Posted on March 3, 2020 by jpheasant


Korean and Vietnam War Veterans Ceremony
Last Tuesday, I had the privilege of participating in a Korean and Vietnam War Veterans Ceremony to honor and recognize Korea and Vietnam-era veterans from Old Lyme. These brave men and women served our country with distinction and honor and I am glad our state is recognizing them and saying ‘thank you’ for their service and sacrifice.

To view more photos from this event, click here.

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Middlesex Chamber of Commerce Legislative Breakfast 
On Friday, February 28th, I participated in a panel with my colleagues for the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce. Many issues were discussed including transportation, taxes, manufacturing, and labor laws.

To view the Middlesex Chamber’s legislative agenda, please click here.

HB- 5060, An Act Phasing Out the Personal Income Tax on Certain Individual Retirement Account Income
A bill that I have proposed during this legislative session HB-5060, An Act Phasing Out the Personal Income Tax on Certain Individual Retirement Account Income, was recently given a public hearing in the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee meeting held on Thursday.

If passed, the general statutes would be amended to phase out the personal income tax on income from traditional, simplified employee pension, and savings incentive match plan for employees individual retirement accounts in a similar fashion to the current phase-out on pension and annuity income.

To view this bill, click here.

Municipal Aid Bonding $$
Last Friday, Governor Lamont announced the municipal aid our towns have been waiting months for, will finally be released. Governor Lamont had been withholding these funds until the legislature took a vote on his ‘trucks only’ tolling plan. With that plan currently paused, Governor Lamont has decided it is now time to release the money.

To read his statement, click here.

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Removal of the Religious Exemption (Vaccination Bill)
Last Monday, the Public Health Committee voted to move forward with a bill that would remove the religious exemptions for school-aged children who aren’t currently vaccinated. During the committee meeting, three amendments were introduced, changing the original bill’s language.

The final language included language grandfathering in the approximately 7,800 students who are currently enrolled in Connecticut schools, along with allowing a provision for children who have, or have a family history of autoimmune disorders to use the medical exemption.

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To view the committee meeting on CT-N, click the image below: