2019 Year In Review

Posted on January 7, 2020 by jpheasant


Combating Opioid Abuse and Illegal Fentanyl Sales

I co-sponsored Public Act (PA) 19-191, which requires pharmacies to offer counseling to patients on the risks of using prescribed opioids. Pharmacists must keep a record for three years of all acceptances and refusals of counseling. Practitioners, who prescribe more than a seven-day supply of an opioid drug, must also clarify the reason for its use, or a diagnosis code. If prescribing more than a 12-week supply of an opioid, they must establish a treatment agreement or discuss a care plan for their chronic use.


In addition, I co-introduced legislation to increase the penalties for those who illegally manufacture and sell the deadly drug fentanyl, as well as fentanyl derivatives, by re-classifying the drugs as a narcotic substance.


Forced School Regionalization is Defeated

With your help, we were able to defeat all proposals to impose mandatory consolidation and regionalization on our local school districts. These proposals were based on arbitrary factors, such as population size, without taking into account quality. This proposal would have negatively affected our students, teachers, and quality of life. State government needs to work with towns to remove obstacles to encourage voluntary collaboration and not through illogical forced mandates.




Expand Coverage for Hearing Aids

This legislation expands health insurance coverage to those who are in need of hearing aids by eliminating an age restriction that was previously in place.


Expand Health Insurance Coverage to Include Preexisting Conditions

I supported this legislation to prohibit people from short-term health insurance policies issued on a nonrenewable basis for a term of six months or less from containing a preexisting condition provision.



Supported Training for High-Demand Jobs

I worked hard this year to create partnerships between regional community-technical colleges and high schools in order to provide apprenticeship opportunities for Connecticut industries with staffing shortages. It is important that we provide incentives for our businesses, students, and skilled workforce to stay in Connecticut.


Reducing Vaping

I supported legislation this session to reduce youth vaping use. This new law taxes vaping products at the same level as traditional tobacco products, requires an adult to sign for any vaping products delivered to a home, and raises the age to purchase vaping products (as well as traditional tobacco products) to 21. I am concerned about the growth of this habit among young people and look forward to working to see how we can further reduce the influence of e-cigarettes.



100 Percent Voting Record

The people of the 23rd General Assembly District elected me to be your voice at the Capitol in Hartford, so I have always made my job as your representative a priority. Over my career, I have never missed a vote and I am proud that this year was no exception.


Named an Environmental Champion by the League of Conservation Voters

It was truly an honor to have been named an Environmental Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV). As someone who represents an environmentally precious district, I was proud to advocate for and support many pieces of legislation to improve and protect Connecticut’s environment.



For a summary of each bill that passed during the 2019 legislative session, click here.