Connecticut River Valley Legislators Host Lyme Disease Forum

Posted on July 9, 2018 by admin


State Representatives Melissa Ziobron (R-34), Devin Carney (R-23) and Robert Siegrist (R-36) hosted an informational forum on Lyme Disease with Elena Zajac from Lyme Connection.

Elena shared her and her family’s experiences with Lyme Disease and practical steps to prevent exposure to tick-borne illness.

“As summer gets underway and we spend more time enjoying the outdoors it’s important to be aware ticks are out too. There are many things that we can do to protect ourselves and our families from tick-borne illnesses,” said Rep. Ziobron. “Elena and Lyme Connection do fantastic work raising awareness, I hope people will reach out to her and spread this information widely.”

“Due to the high rates of tick-borne diseases in our area, it is important for people to know prevention methods and how to spot symptoms,” said Rep. Carney. “As someone who was diagnosed with Lyme disease, I know first-hand how debilitating the disease can be and I had it treated early. So, if you think you might have Lyme or another tick-borne disease, try to get to your doctor immediately before symptoms get worse.”

“I am grateful for the work that Lyme Connection does to educate individuals regarding the serious health threat associated with Lyme disease,” added Rep. Siegrist. “Despite the efforts of organizations like these, it is crucial that we still work to spread awareness and educate our communities.”

The BLAST Tick-borne Prevention Program was developed in 2008 by the Ridgefield, CT Public Health Department, BLAST stands for: Bathe after outdoor activity, Look for Ticks and rashes, Apply repellent, Spray the yard and Treat pets.

More information can be found online at, Lyme Connection is available to host informational forums for a variety of groups and can be reached at