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House Republican Leader Candelora Condemns Senate Democrats’ Statement on Republican Effort to Develop Solutions on Juvenile Crime Issues

Posted on July 7, 2021

HARTFORD—House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora released the following statement today in response to a statement issued Senator Martin Looney and Senate Democrats:

“Achieving meaningful, balanced reform to our juvenile justice system is a mission that will require conversation and input from leaders of all four legislative caucuses. I think Connecticut residents—particularly victims of crime—will find it as frustrating as I do that Senate Democrats and Senator Martin Looney lobbed a bizarre display of partisanship today while House Republicans and Democrats, with Senate Republicans, met to discuss where we could find common ground on this important public safety issue. It’s disappointing that Senator Looney and his caucus passed on today’s opportunity to at least talk about this topic, and based on his comments today it appears as though Connecticut residents won’t be able to count on the senator or his team contributing at all.”