Earth Day 2018

Posted on March 22, 2018 by admin


April 22nd is Earth Day! It is a day of both awareness of our environmental impact and action to lessen it.

Before the first Earth Day nearly 50 years ago, the importance of the global environment simply wasn’t on the radar of most of us. Since then, Earth Day has helped to educate us about what we have to gain by acting in energy efficient ways.

Environmental protections, clean air and water restrictions, and countless conservation efforts may never have existed without public pressure from those participating in Earth Day activities. Things we may take for granted now, like recycling bins, hybrid cars, and efficient light bulbs, have all been a part of the movement started by Earth Day.

Although we stand to gain much from the advancements that have helped our globe to go green, doing our part doesn’t require us to be activists. Being environmentally conscious is as simple as utilizing a reusable water bottle instead of plastic, going meatless once a week, carpooling to work, or riding your bike to a friend’s instead of driving when you aren’t in a rush. Small, seemingly insignificant decisions add up to big changes in our ecological footprint.

As we approach Earth Day this year, take the time to reflect on your impact on our environment, so that we may all work on changing our environmental habits for the better.