Greenwich Delegation Presents Town of Greenwich with $17M Check from State for New Leb Construction Costs

Posted on January 8, 2019 by admin

On Tuesday, January 8, Rep. Camillo joined the Greenwich Delegation in presenting a check for $17,469,365 from the State of Connecticut to the Town of Greenwich reimbursing the town for New Lebanon School construction costs to date. Thus far, the town has received $15, 738,167 from the state with an additional 11% (or $1,731,198) approved pending final accounting.

The total budget for this project is $37,309,058 and the town is receiving approximately 64% reimbursement (or approximately $24,000,000). If the project is completed under budget then the reimbursement will be less. If the entire budget is spent, the delegation hopes to secure an additional $6,500,000 of which they expect to receive $5,785,000 and $715,000 in retainage.

The school is scheduled to open in February barring any unforeseen delays.