Rep. Callahan Meets Sherman School Students

Posted on May 31, 2022

SHERMAN – Representative Pat Callahan spent the day on Thursday, May 26, at the Sherman School speaking to students in various classes about how the Connecticut State government works.  Rep. Callahan spoke to six different classes and explained how a bill becomes a law and the many steps potential legislation must go through in the legislative process.  He also conveyed to the students that they can participate by testifying on bills and speaking to their legislators about issues that they have questions or concerns about.  Many grew up having watched the Schoolhouse Rock, specifically the “I’m just a bill” segment depicting a cartoon bill on Capitol Hill on its way to becoming a law. Rep. Callahan started each class with this clip, which is quite accurate in describing the actual legislative process.

Rep. Callahan stated, “All of the students were attentive, engaging, and polite.  Thank you to the teachers and staff for the warm welcome and opportunity to visit their wonderful school.”

Rep. Callahan hopes to visit the students at Sherman School again soon, likely during the fall semester at the beginning of next school year.