Buckbee Visits New Milford High School Students

Posted on June 13, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


New Milford – As New Milford High Schoolers head into their last few days of classes, State Representative Bill Buckbee (R-New Milford) stopped by to take a tour and visit with students. Buckbee was invited to speak with two groups of students enrolled in civics courses.

“I want to thank the students for their enthusiastic participation and communicating with me during my visit to the school. Promoting civic engagement is imperative to shaping an informed electorate and our state’s future leaders. Based on the questions I received, from both groups of students, they all demonstrated a high level of interest and understanding of the state’s political environment,” stated Buckbee, who is also a New Milford High School graduate.

Buckbee tackled questions having to do with his general responsibilities of representing New Milford in Hartford, how state business is conducted to form laws, and was asked to speak about specific pieces of legislation that he was involved in crafting.

“I am a huge history buff, which sparked my interest in getting involved with politics. New Milford has a rich political history and being a part of that is truly humbling,” explained Buckbee. “It’s encouraging to me that members of our community care about getting involved in state-wide issues like curbing the opioid crisis, raising awareness around suicide prevention, fostering safer learning environments, and adding to Connecticut’s workforce.”

Buckbee also touched upon his involvement in advocating for commuter rail lines, which would be a major transit oriented development project in New Milford that would positively impact the local economy and ease commuter stress. The students responded with great applause, as the majority of them clearly supported the idea of diversifying local transportation options. Additionally, Buckbee explained that there must be a focus on transportation-related projects across the board.

“The main document we create as state legislators at the State Capitol is the state budget. I was proud to explain that over the last two sessions the legislature came together and passed each budget with bipartisan support. I hope this serves as the new blueprint, so that future legislatures work across the aisle to put forth policy that is rooted in the middle,” concluded Buckbee.