Buckbee Speaks on Performance-Based Accountability Standards and Upcoming Legislation

Posted on April 27, 2023


ESSEX – State Rep. Billy Buckbee (R-New Milford) joined his colleagues on the Energy & Technology Committee, Governor Lamont, and PURA’s Chairman Marissa Gillett, on Wednesday afternoon at the Essex Town Hall to unveil new policy standards for the state’s electric distributors. Buckbee spoke in support of the efforts to address concerns with the utilities and improve the overall consumer experience.

“I strongly support initiatives aimed at providing reliability and accountability to Connecticut’s ratepayers through a revamped Performance-Based Regulation system. There are laudable efforts underway to create a higher standard of service, in turn leading to a more dependable grid, while ensuring consumers are provided with quality service at a more affordable price point,” said Buckbee, who serves as the Energy Committee’s Ranking Member.

The framework from PURA represents landmark decision-making on behalf of consumer interests. However, if utilities conform to the new standards, then they will aptly be recognized for meeting the higher service standards. Buckbee also pointed to additional measures being taken to address the matter by the General Assembly.

“There’s a little over a month to go in the current session and I will be sure to keep you posted on legislation, similar to the 2020 ‘Take back Our Grid Act,’ that seeks to address many concerns about the state’s electric distribution,” said Buckbee.

The current legislative session adjourns on Wednesday, June 7, at which point all pending legislation must be acted upon to become law.

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