Buckbee, Miner Explore New Milford’s Medical Manufacturing Opportunities

Posted on August 22, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


NEW MILFORD – State Representative Bill Buckbee (R-New Milford) and State Senator Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) visited MEDinstill, one of the state’s leading medical manufacturing companies, on Monday afternoon. Mayor Pete Bass coordinated the meeting and also invited the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board in order to explore the potential growth within the industry at a local level.

Rep. Buckbee, a member of the legislature’s Commerce Committee, explained, “I want to thank Mayor Bass and the MEDinstill team for taking the time to meet with us. MEDinstill has an important impact on our community. There is an opportunity to extrapolate that positive impact to other industries and regions across the state. The manufacturing of medical parts may not seem exciting on the surface, but MEDinstill is continuously working on products that prevent further harm to patients and their caregivers. They are true innovators and problem solvers, which is exactly the type of talent we should be fostering here in New Milford and in Connecticut.”

Rep. Miner stated, “I’d like to thank MEDinstill and Mayor Bass for inviting me and Rep. Buckbee to tour the facility and learn more about the company’s history and future plans. Their cutting edge technology is applicable to many medical settings. The company is a real asset to the local economy.”

Mayor Bass said, “I would like to thank State Senator Miner, State Representative Bill Buckbee, New Milford Economic Development Corporation Chairman Oley Carpp, Northwest Workforce Investment’s Cathy Awward, Andrea Rynn and Robert Bepko from Western CT Health Network for attending our strategic meeting introducing MEDinstill’s current state of manufacturing facilities. We discussed possible opportunities in both the manufacturing base as well as creating an education component with an emphasis on advanced manufacturing and bioscience. Creating partnerships at the local, state and private sector will help foster opportunities for high tech jobs and education here in New Milford. I look forward to more meetings ahead.”

MEDinstill has expressed an interest in introducing additional manufacturing skills to potential employees, in essence through an apprenticeship program. The basic skills of crafting manufactured parts and items are transferrable through several industries. Founded in 1986, the company has dedicated itself to innovating cost effective ways to help mitigate hospital acquired infections, improve disaster response and emergency manufacturing.