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Buckbee Earns Perfect Voting Record for New Milford

Posted on August 12, 2019 by Greg MacKinnon


Hartford – Members of the House of Representatives were called to vote on 392 legislative items throughout the 2019 legislative session. According to voting records provided by the House Clerk’s Office, State Representative Bill Buckbee (R-New Milford) participated in every vote, earning a perfect one-hundred-percent voting record. Only 26% of the members of the House of Representatives earned this achievement.

“Without participation, our government simply does not work. It is important that when given the chance to weigh-in and take action on a legislative matter, I am present and able to do so for the residents of New Milford,” explained Rep. Buckbee, who has not missed a single vote since being elected in 2016. “I was chosen to go to Hartford and contribute to the legislative process. Voting is the most direct way to influence public policy. My voting record throughout my legislative tenure is a reflection of that notion – I can’t represent our community if I am not there.”

Rep. Buckbee took an active role this session and worked with his colleagues from across the aisle on many issues focusing on the overall improvement of education, public safety, and the delivery of mental health services. He currently serves as the Ranking Member to the Internship Committee, and is a member of the legislature’s Commerce and Energy & Technology Committees.

Although the legislative session has adjourned for the year, Rep. Buckbee continues to focus on local issues. He will be providing a 2019 Legislative Report in the coming weeks, recapping the specific legislative items he worked on and other initiatives he pursued this year at the State Capitol.

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