Bond Commission Approves Allocation for New Milford Police Department

Posted on April 6, 2023


HARTFORD – The State Bond Commission met on Thursday morning to take action on several ongoing and proposed bonding projects. On the meeting’s agenda was an item allocating funding to New Milford’s Police Department for the use of body and dashcams and the necessary storage for the footage taken while officers are on duty. The allocation was applauded by New Milford’s legislative delegation including State Representatives Billy Buckbee (R-New Milford), Pat Callahan (R-New Fairfield), and Cindy Harrison (R-Southbury), as well as State Senator Stephen Harding (R-Brookfield).

“Our police do a wonderful job in the community here in New Milford. This allocation will provide a layer of protection to both our local officers and the public, as newly installed cameras provide an enhanced level of transparency. I commend the state for recognizing the need to implement this technology throughout local departments and believe it will be beneficial for years to come,” said Rep. Billy Buckbee.

“This funding will help New Milford comply with a state mandate requiring cameras for law enforcement officers and that departments maintain the footage for a certain period of time. This is one tool in the toolbox to bring transparency to interactions with the community while also protecting officers from misplaced claims of misconduct,” said Rep. Callahan.

“I want to thank the Bond Commission for recognizing the importance of body-worn recorders, and for helping offset the associated costs of data storage of these vital public safety devices,” Rep. Harrison said. “These cameras provide the public and the police with extra peace of mind when difficult, split-second decisions are made. This money will go a long way toward keeping our community safe and providing an added level of security for all.”

“First, I’d like to thank our police for all they do for our town, keeping us safe on a daily basis. Improving the resources and tools at a department’s disposal will be vital to effective policing in the future. With the continued passage of state mandates, departments are having to budget for further costs placed upon them. These funds will certainly help to address this,” Senator Harding concluded.

The Bond Commission approved the $59,217 allocation to New Milford.