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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Posted on October 4, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


NEWTOWN – State Representative Mitch Bolinsky (R-Newtown) wants everyone to be aware that October, 2018 is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and would like to call your attention to The Women’s Center of Greater Danbury’s (WCOG) upcoming events to raise public awareness.

WCOG will be hosting their second annual Candlelight Vigil of Remembrance on Thursday, October 11, from 6:00-7:00pm at the Danbury Library Plaza. The organization will honor and remember the 24 local-victims who died as a direct result of domestic violence in their 13-town area by commemorating each by name.

If you can’t make it to the vigil, you can commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month by wearing purple and/or purple ribbons to your clothing on Thursday, October 18th. According to WCOG, this “Purple Thursday” event is designed to give honor and hope to victims who are currently experiencing domestic violence, to celebrate those who have survived and to raise awareness.

“Domestic Violence Awareness Month helps us stand up and take notice of a year-round problem that happens behind closed doors,” said Rep Bolinsky. “No community is immune to domestic violence and abuse. We must address this problem in every corner of every state. By raising awareness and highlighting the good work and support available from organizations like The Women’s Center of Greater Danbury, we can snuff out the stigma and barriers for those seeking help, long before a situation ends in tragedy.”

Bolinsky has stood strongly in support of victims of domestic violence. Most recently, he advocated for and co-sponsored the removal of the state’s dual arrest provision. The new law applies to victims, protecting women and men who have been harmed in incidences where the police have been called to mitigate domestic disputes. As a result of eliminating the dual arrest provision, there is no requirement for both parties to be arrested, only the aggressor. He concluded, “Over the coming days there will be ways we can all become involved in helping to curb domestic violence and providing courage to those who are being or have been affected.”

If you have questions about either event, or would like more information on domestic violence and available resources, please visit: WCOGD.org.