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Bolinsky Gets Back to Business in 2024 General Assembly Session

Posted on February 9, 2024


Bolinsky Gets Back to Business in 2024 General Assembly Session

Hartford, Conn.—The 2024 Connecticut General Assembly session opened on Wednesday, February 7. State Representatives from the Newtown legislative joined their colleagues in the House chambers for the ceremony and to hear Governor Lamont’s proposed budget adjustments.

Rep. Mitch Bolinsky (R-106) was gratified that the governor continues to embrace the financial guardrails we put in place with the 2017-2018 bipartisan budget compromise.

“The constitutional state spending, revenue and borrowing caps, along with our commitment to apply a portion of state surpluses to reverse decades of underfunding, or not funding our long-term debt.  This is already saving the state hundreds of millions in debt service.  This policy makes our state a more stable, sustainable place to live and do business. It’s also a big part of what helped Connecticut get through the pandemic and provided most families with the largest tax cut in state history.” said Bolinsky.

“Many of us remember the ‘pre-2017 ‘bad ol’ days’ of big-time deficit spending and annual tax increases.  I, for one, like the look of our fiscal outlook with a sustainable twist!”, quipped Bolinsky, who concluded:  It’s truly an honor to begin my 12th year serving as Newtown’s hometown State Rep in the House of Representatives.  Being joined by First Selectman Jeff Capeci, and Selectman Daniel Cruson, Jr. for today’s opening day at the State Capitol was special.  Together, we work every day to improve Newtown.”

The session is scheduled to end May 8th.