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Scheduled Nightly Ramp Closures on I-84 Westbound in Newtown

Posted on November 4, 2019 by hbrooks


The Connecticut Department of Transportation is announcing nightly ramp closures on I-84 westbound in Newtown at Exits 9 and 10 that will finally bring us into winter with paved and striped ramps, bridge decks and travel lanes without exposed concrete foundation repairs.

What most folks do not see is the extensive work to upgrade drainage under and around our stretch of I-84 that will, ultimately, prevent future problems like the ones that undermined the roadway’s original concrete foundation in

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Newtown Legislative Delegation to Hold Forum for Businesses Regarding New Taxes and Policies

Posted on October 15, 2019 by hbrooks


NEWTOWN – On Thursday, October 31, State Reps. Mitch Bolinsky (R-106) and J.P. Sredzinski (R-112), along with State Sen. Tony Hwang (R-28), will be hosting an informational forum regarding new taxes, fees, and policies that may haunt (a Halloween play on words) Connecticut businesses and residents. The legislators will cover such topics as the recent minimum wage hike, the state’s new family leave program, and changes to the pass-through business entity tax.

Many of these policies, which were enacted

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New Taxes and Laws Effective October 1

Posted on September 27, 2019 by hbrooks


As we transition out of summer and into autumn, we prepare for a number of new laws and tax and fee increases to take effect starting on October 1st. These new laws and taxes may have an impact on you, your business, and our community.

Please find a list of more noteworthy taxes and legislation going into effect next week below:

Tax and Fee Increases Effective October 1st

Fact: These tax increases were included in the Democrats’ state budget passed this year. Rep. Bolinsky and his fellow Republican

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