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Rep. Betts votes in support of legislation to combat catalytic convertor theft

Posted on May 3, 2022


I wanted to highlight the passage today of S.B. 256, which will make it easier for our police officers to combat the ongoing crime of catalytic convertor thefts. We have heard numerous stories from around the state, and locally, of thieves targeting vehicles for the precious metals found inside the pollution-curbing devices, which are sold to scrap dealers after they are cut from the vehicles.

Residents shouldn’t have to wake in the morning to find that pieces of their exhaust system have been cut from their vehicles and schools that have been targeted by these individuals shouldn’t have to shut down their buses for the day. It’s a costly and disruptive crime that needs to end.

The legislation, which has already passed the Senate, prevents motor vehicle recyclers (scrap yards) from buying a catalytic converter unless it is attached to the motor vehicle and prohibits selling a catalytic converter unless it’s affixed or they write a stock number on it. The legislation establishes several record-keeping requirements for junk yard owners, junk dealers, and scrap metal processors. It also prohibits anyone other than a recycler or motor vehicle repair shop from selling more than one unattached converter to a scrap metal processor, junk yard, or junk dealer in a day.

And, finally, it requires recyclers to create a written log of converters they sell or transfer.

I voted in support of the bill and hope that the Governor will sign it into law.