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LTTE – We Simply Don’t Have The Money

Posted on April 11, 2019 by jpheasant


At a time when dozens of new tax proposals include everything from vet visits to youth sports, text books to vegetable seeds, and bicycle helmets to car seats, members in the House and Senate voted to approve salary increases up to 5.5 percent for almost 200 employees.

In addition to the salary increase, these employees will also receive cost of living increases, some will receive additional $2,000 lump sum bonuses, and a few lucky department heads will receive bonuses totaling $18,000 over two years.

The cost of these increases will result in taxpayers shelling out another $4.6 million dollars. The lump sum payments, well, they will be included when factoring in these employees’ pension benefits.

While these unionized state employees are undoubtedly dedicated and hard-working men and women, the reality is Connecticut currently faces a projected $2.5 million dollar deficit. I cannot support salary increases and bonus payments when so many of my constituents and families around the state continue to struggle to make ends meet. Making these types of payments with money we blatantly don’t have clearly says we’re not thinking of you.