LTTE: The Special Transportation Fund Raided Once Again!

Posted on February 27, 2019 by jpheasant


For the nine years I have served in the general assembly, I have been promised and told repeatedly that money placed in the Special Transportation Fund (STF) is dedicated for the specific purpose of repairing Connecticut’s roads and bridges.

As you know, these promises have been broken –  over and over and over again.

I have recently learned that Gov. Lamont is once again doing the same thing. In his proposed budget the Governor has recommended taking out millions of dollars in tax revenue raised from the sale of  cars from the Special Transportation Fund and transferring these monies into the General Fund.

But he can’t do this – can he? After all Connecticut voters in the last election overwhelmingly supported a constitutional lock box which stipulated that money in the Special Transportation Fund could only be spent on transportation related projects. Clearly he thinks it’s well within his authority to do this – even if taxpayers or state legislators don’t want him to do this.

What could be his reason for making this controversial decision? In my opinion he is using this transfer of money to support his case for having tolls. Revenue generated from tolls is predicted to be nearly a billion dollars – more than enough to get voters to forget about this money being taken out of the Special Transportation Fund.

Regardless of his reason(s) for this controversial policy decision, the Governor has reinforced taxpayers opinion that state elected Democrat officials will stop at nothing to continue their history of stealing money from the Special Transportation Fund to pay for more non-transportation programs.

This amounts to a slap in the face to all of the voters who supported the idea that funds placed in the Special Transportation Fund be spent only on transportation related projects or programs.